Mental Geek

A Mental Health Community


A Mental Health Community


Simply put, Mental Geek is a mental health community for Geeks. It serves as a community where geeks from all walks of life can share and connect with others in their mental health challanges, triumphs, and everything in between.

Mental Geek was launched in 2019 by Matthew Bert, after struggling to find an online Mental Health community that didn’t feel so exclusive. The geek community is made up of all sorts of people, and a lot of geeks find comfort and connection with the things they “geek out” about to help them in their mental health journey.

After some time away to focus on some personal things and life issues, 2020 has been an important time to bring Mental Geek back.

This website will serve as a blog to share stories from geeks of all walks of life. We love to share about what we have struggled with, how we have learned to cope, and also about the things we geek out about.

More info coming soon!

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